Feeling a bit silly

A mid-life poem about reflecting on past actions.

To be honest, I’ve started having moments of feeling a bit silly. For letting it all out the way I did.

I look back, smiling as I shake my head at that past self in amusement.

It was a breaking of molds,

and it was a crash landing.

The reflection is,

Learn to love your self.

Then when the time comes, when your crazy

or your mad

or your sad manifests and lets its self out,

you will be able to hold your self together,

even as you fall apart in your own arms.

Now that I have grounded, I have new perspective.

The study of the self is like that,

constantly getting to know your self.

Surprise, disappointment, delight. All of it normal.

And none of it real.

Clouds of thought that come and go.

If I am lucky, this is around-about the halfway point in my life.
The first half was about getting to this point.
Here, now.
Fully present in this beautiful moment.


S x

3 responses to “Feeling a bit silly”

  1. Welcome back!

  2. Hello stranger, I’ve missed so much of your adventure thes past months through illness and caring for Joh, most of all I’ve missed that beautiful smile and the wonderful soul who owns it.
    You once said you used your smile to manipulate a situation, or words to that affect, but the smile I see in this photo of you is the smile of contentment, may it never leave you.
    I’ve learnt a lot about myself through your articles and they’ve made me a better person for employing a lot of your strategies and I thank you for that.
    Time is no longer on my side but maybe one day we’ll get to have that afternoon, somewhere out in the universe, to have that talk we talked about long ago.
    Your garden is as beautiful as its custodian and I wish you well in all your future endeavours.


  3. Hello Shari! It’s so good to have you back! You put your emotions into words so eloquently; something I find difficult when I’m down. I see a new beginning about to take place in my own life soon.
    My very best wishes to you and yours.

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