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Hello Beautiful Reader,

A pause in my narrative, or a switch in perspective, if I may.

The blog continues to evolve, as does my relationship to the project and my purpose for pursuing it. What began as a cathartic, and somewhat explosive, release and redirection of energy, has shifted into a grounded, soulful flow of experience and reflection as further growth occurs.

A number of different themes have emerged from the original project and it is time for them to take on the form of different streams of content. As my reach grows, so too does the diversity of my readers.

I’m also becoming increasingly, slowly, better at managing social media and community forum accounts which also expands the way I can engage with people, and vice versa.

Engagement is really important to me, for many different reasons, but particularly because it helps me to communicate more clearly and get feedback around what content is useful or otherwise enjoyed by people.

I exchange direct messages on various platforms and you’re always welcome to try me on any of them. I try to respond to anything intelligent but I do miss some genuine messages.

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As many of you know, the first phase of my project has come to an end recently. This next phase is about going deeper into the shadow work and the ongoing practice of freedom, in self expression and in being. Support from wonderful patrons will help me establish new sub-projects including a podcast, video series and exciting photographic assets.

The next 12 months is the pilot phase of this approach to my work as an independent researcher and ‘content creator’.

In bringing together the thinking and insights of people such as Simone de Beauvoir, Carl Jung, Viktor Frankl, Thich Nhat Hahn, I seek to share new insight and ways for people in the world today to find self love, greater compassion, greater sense of well being and freedom to authentically express their self and allow their self to just be.

I will aspire to share the path of deep identity work, the processes of identifying and embracing our shadow and re-integrating our whole selves, as a commitment to the global movement to live a more compassionate, joyful, conscious life.

Through play and creative expression, reflection and contemplation, I will continue to undertake the inner-work required to develop a maturity of both consciousness and conscience. Collaborating and engaging with others, it is my hope that work such as this will enable us to guide others as we transition to a new paradigm.


SB’F x

Our maturity of consciousness is a reflection of the expansiveness of our awareness and, our understanding of what that awareness is and is not. ~ Simone B’Free

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