The gentle patience of her love

The gentle patience of her love.

Go slow.

When the dawn is yet just breaking.

Breathe deeply.

When the seeds have only just been sown.

When a womyn steps fully into her divine being, the empowered feminine, and starts talking like this…she knows something most don’t. She is understanding because she understands. She sees. She hears. She feels.

And she acts. With only love in mind, she gently gathers and manifests for herself and in service of those within her fold. In whatever way she has learned to meet the other where they are at, she is there with warmth and strength.

A womyn who knows who she is stands for what she believes in. She is a power not to be taken lightly. One who feels patterns before she can see them, who’s intuition is a strategic advantage few can outsmart.

She is the bird in the trees and the snake in the grass. The full paradox of the universe unfolding before you. Her expansive nature exudes.

She is a fire walker.

A warrior that has been hardened in the same manner as steel.

Her mind is a sword, her heart a boundless shield.

She emits an energy that attracts seekers and lovers alike.

Enemies beware.

The witches are down from their stakes.

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  1. Stunning ink on a beautiful canvas

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