Being (Album #3)

I have noticed a significant dip in my drive for sharing all of this. I felt for a while, so small and irrelevant in the face of global unrest and disruption. I felt somewhat selfish and indulgent, like a greedy child screaming for cake, while others sit quietly awaiting a crumb.

But I have started to tell a story, and stories, for often unknown reasons, are always worth telling in full.

And of course…

There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.

~ Maya Angelou

In this album I was slowing to a place of joyful being. The weather was warming as summer drew closer, my family was safe and my garden was growing. I began to feel at peace in the world, and in my own skin.

These images reflect the emerging sense of liberation and my growing comfort with showing up as myself. They reflect the confidence that comes form the strength built on loving your self, mind, body and soul. They reflect an increasing irreverence for social norms and the expectations placed on me by colonialist paternalism. In light and shadow, I experimented with balance and boundaries.

I began to notice a physiological response to my own gaze.

Standing taller, grounding with each breath.

Core engaged, releasing tension.

Chest opening, receiving the love flowing in.

The desire to share the sense of freedom, the thrill of it, the release, the letting go, so strong. I wanted every woman to know what it felt like to just be themselves and ‘to hell with it all’.

If you can be free, be free.  What ever chain holds you back, stand up, walk free.

“There is no spoon”.

~ Spoon Boy, The Matrix

There is no chain. There is only the thought that you can’t.

Learn to recognise the barriers for your self and for others. Whenever possible, remind your self of your strengths, when you are with others, show them their strengths, their self, their sovereignty, as you step into your own.  Authentic being is facilitated by being in the presence of others who are also in the process of becoming.

Exchange feathers of friendship.

Hold them lightly, cherish them deeply.

Those who see you and love you, can heal you in ways you may have not known before.

It is not safe to never be vulnerable.

~ Leslie Kaminoff

2 responses to “Being (Album #3)”

  1. I know how you feel. You are on the right path.
    Love and mercy, Dave

  2. I remember when you started to share these images and you and I would talk about them. Discussing their meaning, their beauty, what they represent, the feelings inside of you that were projected through the image that I could see. The vulnerability of these images. The sharing of what you described as your true authentic self.

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