[a mindful pause]

Shaking with uncertainty,

a leaf almost ready to fall,

trembling in the breeze,

a delicate hanging,

a fragile attachment,

those last moments of things being as they are.

Menacing volatility,

the ground beneath unknown,

hardening from the cold,

rumbling vibrations,

danger lurking,

the terrain that must be traversed.

Distressed by ambiguity,

a bird with nowhere to land,

gliding on tired wings,

a tenuous lift,

a  disrupted flow,

longing for sanctuary to rest.

Embracing complexity,

a tree breathes out fully,

branches reaching out,

weathered bark,

budding blossoms,

re-awakening the potential within. 

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SB’F x

One response to “Ontogeny.”

  1. Just as the flower has a purpose in re-creating itself from within, you are doing the same even with all the complexities and ambiguities that you feel inside yourself. Your personal image shared here with that of the flower actually shows contentment and faithfulness to me.

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