Wild woman on the loose

And, as if the world wasn’t crazy enough right now, we’ve had reports that there has been a giant naked lady moving around parts of the industrial areas just outside of the city today.

She saw them in the distance and began the journey back. She wasn’t completely sure how she had wandered off so far so quickly.

As she moved closer back towards them, something strange happened. She felt herself growing, larger, taller, bigger, she was becoming… giant???

Her curiosity and love for many of the people still in the buildings around the city, urged her closer. Whatever was happening to her would have to just take care of itself for a while, except that she couldn’t ignore it. It commanded the engine room of her mind. The takeover had been stealth, or perhaps it had happened when she wandered off, not noticing as she tended to her wounds, that her mind was shifting and adapting.

Webs of knowing woven and re-woven, torn, damaged, repaired or rebuilt, reigniting passion and strengthening conviction, and lighting her way through the night.

The new perspective, as one who no longer fit in, as an outsider, an ‘other’, wasn’t entirely new. However, her understanding of what was happening was something that was dawning on her like the sun on a clear summer morning.

Both because of and in spite of her nudity, she moved closer.

She paused to look in.

The window was so small, she could only see parts of the room inside, some of the people. She recalled a time when she had believed the windows to outside were clear and large and offered a view of it all.

As she stood and looked across the rooftops, she could see how this had never been true. She shifted her gaze to acknowledge the others who stood among the buildings, wondering how to free more. Together. That’s how.

What they now understood, was that it wasn’t that they had grown to become giant, but rather grown into their natural state of being, free from the restrictions of being inside. Something more than those buildings let them be.

What they now understood, was how those still inside are kept small.

Image by Mark Stephen, Lensart, Brisbane.

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  1. A nice little story of liberation; nice imagery.

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