A noticing (and a mindful pause).

As the role identity, Dr Shari Read, the ambitious, young, female academic, continues to fragment, I notice her strengths, her character, her conviction, being re-assigned to new or newly dominant aspects of self.

The activist has encountered her first hostile. The walls of a virtual corporate cult slammed down in her face. A castle full of empty promises and duplicitous messaging. Where polite professionals feast upon each other’s cleverness at being part of an exclusive club for members wishing to promote ‘economic opportunity’ for each other. Although, I suspect most of the revelers do not know on what they feast. What gets them drunk at the expense of so many. I didn’t.

What an interesting first discovery, one that others had known all along of course…

I notice as I encounter the tension created, the discomfort my voice might bring to others.

The wild woman loves the keen mind, the crafting of words, the understanding of evidence, and influence of nuance on the minds of many. She is watching as the story unfolds. Creeping with anticipation, steady, grounded in her conviction and determined in her love, in her devotion to service.

She does not flinch.

#nudeforchange ~ Image by Rocketpixs

The crone breathes deeply and smiles, her own smile………..

Her path has been laid before her, she has always known.

#nudeforchange ~ Image by Rocketpixs

The child and the maiden look into each others’ eyes, and grin. They turn, holding hands, this is not for them. They are saved, they heal, it is time for them to play.

I breathe into the knowledge that my triggers are only triggers, they do not control me. They remind me of my path, the strength I have gained on my way here, the lessons I have learned.

I am ready.

Turns out, I did come to fight.

#nudeforchange ~ Image by Rocketpixs

Breathe in. Breathe out.

I’m ready.

Are you?

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  1. Such power and truth in these words, the body language in the photos speak volumes of self examination, determination, anticipation and preparedness for whatever challenges lay ahead.
    Thank you for sharing

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