Expand, contract…breathe.

In a quiet moment on my own,

My mind occupied with other things,

I was shown the way my life breathes.

I expand and contract.

I open up, and then I withdraw.

I explore and uncover.

I sit and reflect.

I advance. I retreat.

I reach out. I look in.

I inhale. I exhale.

My natural rhythm a guide on the path,

The ebb and flow of an energetic tide,

Comes in, goes out.

Breathe in. Breathe out.

The space to explore my own spaces,

The pauses between my breaths,

My life between these moments.

Time is my only need,

And for that my only need is breath,

And so I breathe.

2 responses to “Expand, contract…breathe.”

  1. Where does this ability for self examination come from ?
    Is it inherited, is it learnt or just the gift of deep thinking ?
    I really do envy your ability to look within and yourself.


    1. I think it simply comes from an inner curiosity to know oneself. Did you ever just stare at yourself in the mirror as a kid, to see what you could see in the depths of your own eyes? I used to freak myself out doing it, it felt like a drug was taking over my mind (a completely innocent kid’s interpretation of it at least!) lol! Perhaps this curiosity is stronger or closer to the surface for some?

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