Mindful pause ii

A moment of reflection on the journey so far and a reminder to all; the world needs to hear your voice, and receive your gifts. Now more than ever, we need everyone who cares, to stand for what they believe in, for what they love.

I pause to consider where I am. As I look around I feel love, I feel tension, I feel a wave of energy and a wall of resistance.

I have been looking back at bits and pieces I have written over the last 10 years or so, so much thinking and processing has been done.  I see where I’ve come from, where I’ve been, the circles, the roundabouts, the back tracking and getting turned about.

But I also see the growth.

A big part of what has changed in me since I became conscious in the journey of awakening,  is that I no longer think it is a magical process. Now I know. The magic comes from knowing the recipe, where to source the ingredients and how to mix it just right. A witch’s brew of radical self awareness and multiple perspectives, simmered for years in a broth of compassion and wisdom, sometimes from others, sometimes your own.

What’s changed is the path has unfolded, I have lived experience. This is now more than just what I have learned, it is now what I know to be true for me.

I have documented my path of transformation and transcendence, not anything out of the ordinary, just years of practice and paying attention. Noticing the thresholds, the moments of breakthrough, who was I in those moments and after them? As best I could, trying to capture and understand, be aware and regulate my responses, and maybe even be intentional in my own growth. Committing, on purpose, to a path of service and authenticity.

So even though there are tiny tugs at the edge of my consciousness, self doubt, reprimand, disapproval, that is all they are. I am no longer tempted to pick them up or turn them over, to hold those thoughts as if they were my own. I can see them there, feel their need for approval and attention, but there they stay.

Every time I receive a message of support, of thanks, of solidarity, it keeps me going in the direction of my dharma. I will make mistakes, I will take more wrong turns, but the path is wider now, and so many more walk with me. For each of you I am grateful.

Stepping into sovereignty has always been an important moment in a woman’s life, now it is an important moment in our collective history, a moment when every woman who has the ability to do so is called to take up the responsibility of her birth right, her right to stand as tall and as strong and as autonomous as any man on the planet. To claim your strength and your softness, never apologising for how you are meant to be.

Wild women be free. Photo credit: Rocketpixs

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