Censorship and codswallop


The auditorium is packed with hundreds, possibly a thousand or so people, there is a buzzing energy, curiosity rife. People waiting to hear your story, they settle and listen, intrigued and engaged as you begin.

Four lines in and this epic tale is cut short. The microphone is switched off and the lights go out. You look around for some source of light, trying to get your bearings, looking for a way out. The exit signs are clear, breathe and flow with the light. Your eyes adjust and the path becomes clear…

Out in the foyer, the carpark, in the cafes and all around are friends who are waiting for you. Some had never been in the auditorium, others had and didn’t like it, but none thought that your story was any the less because it wasn’t told inside.

Yesterday my LinkedIn account was ‘restricted’, which basically means they block my profile, no one can see my posts or comments on their posts, no messaging and I can’t access the account. Of course, any of my work that was published by a customer organisation has been protected from this cancellation. But I died. I am no longer live in that world. My legacy has been sanitised and archived for the purposes of corporate game playing only.

I laughed when I realised.

I can’t say there was no hurt at all.

The ambition, the drive, still the attachment breathes.

The remnants of an identity built on so much.

So much sacrifice.

Loss, an inevitable.

As you release and make the transition

only you will know

when it is time to grasp again

or learn to ride the flow.


The corporate aspect of my identity had to ‘die’. And they helped light the path.

My guess  as to what happened (please feel free to educate me here people!) – An algorithm would have detected the links, another one would have scanned the linked site for ‘prohibited content’, found some, sent a message back to let ‘everyone’ (i.e. the other programs) know, an email is automatically generated as the scan continues, more banned substances found, account blocked. There was no time for me to respond, apologise, delete links, posts etc. First email came it at 11.54pm, second at 11.56pm on a Wednesday night, and by 9.15am the next morning I had noticed that I had been locked out of the account (which I now realise was never ‘mine’, I was just allowed to use it so long as I played by the rules).

So I am now free from the whole corporate networking game…what a relief.  So much energy released. And my ‘death’ has occurred only for those who’s whole network exists within that game.
I had thought ahead a little and had a 2 week plan for content , they gave me 1. Which really, if you’ve only got 1 week to say goodbye to a whole chunk of your social network…..I’m pretty happy with how I went out!

But to you all still here with me, in the carpark or the cafe as it may be, this is where the real story begins.

The story of a young girl with a willow tree spirit guide who grows and transforms, and who steps into her authentic identity, surrounded by so many for whom she has so much gratitude.

The universe had whispered to me, not so long ago, that spirit guides can be living ‘you know’… and now I see.

And here also begins the integration with emergent identity, Simone B’Free .

She who could not be any less corporate, in fact she thinks it is a load of codswallop (someone said that about a comment of mine recently – lol love it). But she also knows there are good people dabbling in the corporate world, people who embrace their shadow and explore the world in full. People who are doing good from within.  People who have just begun exploring what else could be…

Here the journey of the crone, the one who claims herself as healer, witch and priestess, just as she did, teacher, coach and therapist, here the journey begins.

Remind me also to use ‘nincompoop’ in a sentence at some point too….

Simone B’Free contemplates life ‘on the outside’…

4 responses to “Censorship and codswallop”

  1. Well that looks like a great way to get off LinkedIn, I must try that.

  2. I think you have started a trend where it’s a badge of honour to escape the grind ( or wolves in sheep clothing!)

    Enjoying being in the car park

  3. Your words and attitude never cease to astound and amaze me, your position on this grossly unfair and archaic decision (especially when a machine has perpetrated the action) only reinforces what I’ve learned in the last ten years…..”don’t get mad, just get even”

    1. Yes, celticman54, and how do you “get even” with a machine?

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