Shedding old norms and expectations for a better world.

be the change…

I am passionate about change. Be it personal, organizational, or social change, I’m interested. The more radical and disruptive the better. I believe that we can make the world a better place, one loving, non-violent act of non-compliance at a time. And that is why I am shedding the expectation that strong, intelligent, professional women should always be clothed and demure, that mothers shouldn’t be seen to be sexy, that wives shouldn’t be seen. I am ready to be seen and heard. I am tired of being a ‘good girl’, of being ignored and interrupted, of being told I’m too difficult or make people uncomfortable. I’m too bossy, I’m too idealistic, I care too much, I focus on the wrong things….says who???

I am here and I am no longer apologizing for who I am or what I believe in. I’m not afraid of them anymore, I’ve got nothing to hide and I am ready to go #nudeforchange .

And she flies…

New posts will now be made available as podcast episodes. Old posts will be converted to podcast episodes asap! With love SB’F x

About Me

Hi, I’m Dr Shari Read. Previously a business school academic, I became a home-school mum and social activist in 2021. I believe it is time for people, and women especially, to shed old, unhelpful norms and expectations about the roles that we are ‘supposed’ to play in our society. I would love you to join me in this exploration of identity, culture, transformation and transcendence! Read more

Let’s change the world.

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